What's In My Bag?

Welcome to the inside of my purse!

I think it's so fun to see what's inside of other people's bags and wallets, so I wanted to share with everyone what's in mine! I usually carry smaller bags around, but when I have a large one to carry around it gets dangerously full.  This is what I keep in my bag, winter edition! (:

This Michael Kors Large Hamilton Tote was gifted to me this past Christmas by my wonderful boyfriend.  I was so surprised when I opened the box, he really did a wonderful job on picking out such a beautiful bag (and I an forever grateful)!  The navy blue color is gorgeous and changes with the light. It features two top handles and one chained shoulder strap for versatility.  It's extra roomy inside and has enough space to even my large cameras! Overall, I'm beyond happy with the quality, design, and functionality of this purse. {insert 'heart eyes' emoji here}

Lately, it's been cold, so I've had a few extra essentials with me in case of emergency situations, including knitted Urban Oufitters gloves and Lorac eyeliner (if you count runny eyeliner as an emergency, hehe).  The Sephora mirror comes in extra handy to check if any smudgy eye makeup or even checking your teeth for after meals. :X And of course my iPhone is always with me, gotta check Instagram and Twitter!  The clear case protects it while look sleek and clean.

A purse cannot be complete without your keys! My keys hold my school ID, CTA UPass, countless rewards cards, and a couple of keychains (gifted Vera Bradley anchor charm from my little and 'I <3 B' London souvenir from Vivian).  The pills you see are just Allegra allergy meds for when my allergies get out of hand, especially with Chicago's weather always changing.  And two more items to fight the cold are a hand cream (gifted from Ploy) and cute winter Forever 21 knit headband to keep my ears warm.

Hope you enjoyed taking a peek into my bag! x


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