Music Monday: Cherub

Whaddup, happy MLK day!

Today, I wanted to make a post about one of my 2013 band discoveries, Cherub.  Cherub is a two-man band consisting of Tennessee natives, Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber.  I first heard of them when I was going through the North Coast Music Festival (2013) lineup and decided to give them a listen. When I heard their music, I would've never guessed that this electro-pop band was made up of only two people. I personally think that they have a fresh sound and Jordan's falsetto is just too good.  If you're into artists like RAC and Ghostland Observatory, this will be your cup of tea!

My friend Chelsea and I got to see them live (front row!) at North Coast and they give a stellar, high-energy performance.  You can really vibe out and feel the music dancing through their veins.  Recently, I found that they created a music video for their song "Heartbreaker" while they were in Chicago.  The video is a montage clips of them performing at Lollapalooza and North Coast (which means I'm here somewhere, I'm just not sure where) this past summer.

Chelsea and I at Cherub (NCMF 2013)

Doses and Mimosas is one of there most popular songs and has a really catchy tune!  And lastly I wanted to share XOXO, because it has *fun* lyrics, haha.  From their lyrics, you can tell that this band really just likes to have a good time and doesn't really care how obscene they get.
Hope you enjoyed this post and gave them a listen.  I will be spending my day off grabbing bubble tea with some friends and finishing up some readings for class, have a wonderful Monday! x


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