Get Some Homie

This is totally a late blog post, but I found this in my drafts and realized I never got a chance to post it! Now that summer vacation's started, I'm excited for outdoor restaurant seating.  Homeslice was the perfect place to go to on a 70-degree April day.  Jen got the Special-K pizza while I opted for the Zephy pizza, it was a delicious treat for such a beautiful day!

I can't wait to come back again at nighttime for drinks with my besties! x

Photo Diary: Sunday Brunch + My Big's Baby Shower

Ended my spring break with an eventful day full of good food and good company. Before heading to Geri's baby shower, Victoria and I grabbed a delicious brunch at Bryn Mawr Breakfast Club. This was our first time there, I was really impressed with the ambiance and how inexpensive each entree was (~$10). My stack of multigrain blueberry hotcakes definitely hit the spot, no doubt I'll be back for more. This is definitely a place to check out if you're on the Northside of Chicago!

It's been about two months since I've seen my big and I was really excited to see how much her belly has grown. Despite the fact that she's carrying a human life in her, she still looked as flawless as ever! (Have you ever seen a pregnant woman so lovely? It's not fair!) Her baby shower dress was from ASOS Maternity, I loved how chic and put together her whole outfit was.

We spent the rest of the afternoon eating, playing games, and sharing some laughs. I'm so happy and excited for her, I know that her son is going to be one lucky baby! Congrats biggie! x

Freebie: Fashion Quote Prints

Today on Instagram, I posted a photo of my new wall of fashion-related quote prints that I created last night in a spur-of-the-moment-late-night-burst-of-creativity. I thought I would share these as a freebie on my blog, use them however you'd like! Just click on the one you like, open image in a new tab, and "save image as" to your computer. Each image is 8.5" x 11", perfect for printing on computer paper. I used black and white polka dot washi tape to hang them up, but I think they would look really cool framed as well. Enjoy!