DIY Sharpie Mug

Hi all!

I've been wanting to post up this Do-It-Yourself for a couple weeks and haven't gotten to it until now! I recently gifted this mug to someone for Christmas.  I know Christmas is well over now, but this would be a cute gift for a friend or to keep for yourself.  I'm sure people have seen DIY Sharpie mugs, but I just wanted to share the techniques I used and how it came out.

The mug I chose to make was based off of this grumpy cat one off of Amazon.  It was on my little's, wish list, but I was definitely not willing to pay $16 for it! I thought I could recreate it and personalize it with her nickname (her real name is Christina), and voilà, a cute grumpy cat mug made just for Emi! Here's how I did it!

All these materials will be needed.  You might need to print out the image in several sizes depending on how big or small you want it on your mug.  Also, if you don't have acetone (or nail polish remover), you may use rubbing alcohol or distilled vinegar!

*Side note: I used a black marker because I know that the color would not change after baking.  Make sure you do some research on your marker color in case it'll change after baking!

This first step is crucial! Make sure you clean off the surface of your mug. Use the cotton pads or cotton balls soaked in your cleaning agent. This will help get any dirt or oils off of your mug to ensure that the ink will stick!

Next, using your pencil, you will need to shade the back of that image you've printed out. This is the trick in creating a carbon copy-esque transfer.

Adhere your image exactly where you want it.  Be careful to not touch the surface of the mug with your hands, we want to avoid a dirty surface!

To do this next step, simply trace over the image with your pencil to transfer the graphite onto the surface of the mug.

Using your permanent marker, trace over the transfer copy.  If you happen to make a mistake, you can quickly go back on top of it with your acetone and wipe it off. Wait for it to completely dry and then work over that area again.  Add any other details you want! 
I copied the "Good Morning" and added her name under it.

This last step is super important!

Pop your mug into the oven and bake it at 425°F for 30 minutes. Do *NOT* pre-heat your oven! After baking, crack the oven door open until the mug has cooled, removing it beforehand can result in cracking. Lastly, wait at least 24 hours before using/washing your mug!



  1. such a good idea! thanks for the tip

    1. Thanks so much for the feedback! It was definitely a great DIY gift! (: