The Death of Winter Break

On Monday, I went out for Korean BBQ with my line sisters and pledge mama! It was so delicious, so you see all of these appetizers?! It's always nice to see my line sisters, because we're always so crazy, and we don't care what anyone else thinks of us. After eating our hearts out, we went to Outdoor Cafe for bubble tea and bingsoo.  I think my blog has way too many food posts, I can't help it that I eat so much!
 A billion appetizers! I don't know how Koreans eat all of this, haha.
 Meat on the grill, sooo good.
My outfit for the night! Billabong dress tucked into acid wash F21 jeans and ring and a thrifted wool vest.

First day of classes weren't too bad. I had one class that lasted about an hour, and afterwards I ran some errands and went downtown to Sprinkles with a friend.  We ended up getting the whisper! (:
My free Peanut Butter Chip dipped in ganache cupcake! So yummy.
I ended up going to Sprinkles twice, haha. I got another whisper, German Chocolate cupcake, it's soooo good.

I hung out with some from after I got back home. We went for Sprinkles, and one of my friends bought a box of a dozen cupcakes! Can you believe that a dozen is $40?! Insaneee, haha, that's why I go for the free whispers (: We went to Culver's afterwards, since they just opened a new one close to me.  That's about it for my somewhat adventurous first day of classes.



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