Just another day ..

Leopard print scarf from Ebay // Crop top from Pacsun // Hollister Jeans // Minnetonka fringe boots

Yesterday's festivities included classes, chapter meeting, bowling at UIC with Chi Sigma Tau Fraternity, and grabbing desserts at Artopolis in Greektown with my sisters! I must say, I was doing the worst I've ever done in my bowling career, I got like, under 30 points for the first game, HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?! Oh well, haha, I was just so out of it, I really do enjoy bowling though :P The baklava and hazelnut praline from Artopolis is delicioussss, I didn't order anything for myself, but it was nice sampling all the desserts everyone else got. It was a pretty long day.

 Doki Geki blazer // Hollister flannel // Bullhead jeans

Today was a boring day, went to classes then straight to work! I also got my eyebrows done, yay me, haha. When I came home, and my 36 palette from Crown Brush that I ordered off of Hautelook came in! It's a lot smaller than I thought it would be, but that's ok, it's still gorgeous! I finally tried out essie's Shine Of The Times polish, and I loooove it. I hope they come out with other variations of colors, I know other brands have the flaky glitter polishes also, but I am not willing to pay regular price for them :P I have so much ahead for this weekend, I still need to pack for retreat and do homework!



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