Weeknd + Mini Haul

New magazines! I adore Zooey Deschanel.
Lunar New Year was on Monday (yesterday), and I got a chance to see a lot of my family members and family friends.  I received a lot of li xi, which is surprising, because I don't even get them anymore, because I'm so old! I'm trying to save a bunch of the money up, but I did spend some of it on two new pairs of leggings for the winter and a new bag.  On Sunday night, I went to temple saw a few friends while I.  We went to my old temple, and they have expanded a lot.  I'm very happy for my old temple to expand it's space, welcoming more people into it.
Did my nails with a tribal print that day, but it already started chipping!
Today, my friends and I went out to Sun Wah Barbecue Restaurant in Argyle.  It was nice gathering with all my friends, because I need a break from all of that studying! Almost all of us ordered some type  of BBQ or roasted beef/pork/duck with rice, so delicious.
BBQ pork and duck rice plate, yumm, just $5.25!
Boyfriend and I! (:

Afterwards, we went to go back to the nail supply store so Kyla could buy some China Glaze (only $2.70 a bottle!).  I think that essie and OPI are only $4.75 each.  Went home with two new bottles of essie nail polishes! Top photo is Merino Cool, one of my all time favorite colors.  Second, is Shine of the Times Luxeffects Top Coat, which is a flaky glitter I've been dying to get my hands on. The leopard print scarf that I ordered off of Ebay finally came in! It was less than $5, I'm kind of addicted to Ebay at the moment.

I'm expecting a lot more items to come in in the next few weeks, so excited! The rest of my week is going to be very busy, wish me luck!



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