An Organized Mess.

Bright red button up top for today.
Pedobear peeping from Rare's front car window.
Panera Bread, I'm a sucker for everything bagels with chive and onion cream cheese.
Our adventure into Bookman's Alley, a hidden bookstore.

Today was actually quite an adventure.  I made plans with my friends, Rares and Ray.  I see Ray on a regular basis, but I haven't seen Rares since we graduated high school in May of 2011! Rares is a great photographer, you can definitely tell by looking at some of his photos on Flickr.  He just started shooting in film, and was kind enough to give me a pair of batteries for my Nikon EM so I could start shooting some film photos.  It was really great catching up with an old friend, as well as photographing again.

We stopped into a hidden bookstore in this alley in downtown Evanston.  It's called Bookman's Alley, and although it looks very small on the outside, it's a great big maze of books on the inside.  There are many chairs, books, figurines, and other knick knacks scattered around.  It was a great big organized messed.  All of their books are for sale.  This would be the perfect place for me to study during the school year if it weren't so far away.  I'm definitely planning to come back here to shoot another time.  I have a feeling this place is always changing.



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