Shinju Sushi

All you can eat sushi for only $14.99 at lunch!

You get ice cream at the end, nom nom nom.


Jacket and Scarf - Forever 21
Black Jeggings - Bullhead Denim, Pacsun
Floral Bag - Aldo
Boot Wedges - Charlotte Russe
The weather was beautiful out today! I'm really glad that it hasn't been freezing in Chicago yet, I'm just scared we're going to have to suffer next month when another snowpocalypse hits! Shinju Sushi is a small Japanese restaurant in Hyde Park, they have other menu items as well as all you can eat sushi, which includes an appetizer and ice cream for dessert.  I think that for the price, you get quality food.  It's delicious!  We were lucky that we ordered just the right amount of sushi, or else we would've gotten charged :X

I guess I'll go clean my room now or something, I think I'm buying paint soon to re-do my room.  Super excited! (:

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  1. That sushi looks amazing, I want some right now! Love your blog, feel free to check out mine.

    Laura x