Platforms, Polka Dots, and Poise

Sheer Polka Dot Top - Forever 21
Thick Black Leggings - Marshalls
Grey Silicon Watch - Francesca's Collections
Black Platform Wedges - Charlotte Russe
Rounded Sunnies - Target
Layered Naceklace - Forever 21
Brown Socks - Dad's Closet
Sterling Silver Ring - Tiffany and Co.
Vintage Quilted Bag - Thrifted

I definitely would not be walking around in this weather without a jacket on, but taking a few photos couldn't hurt.  These wedges are so comfortable, I love platforms! Looking forward to shopping downtown tomorrow, hehe.

Today was quite uneventful, I had to go to the salon for extra help and ended up going home early.  Being at home lead me to taking photos of my outfit for today (: I am about to leave to bring the boyfriend some food while he's at work, and then I'm off to babysit!


February Air

Cobweb Circle Scarf - Akira Chicago
Lace Tank Top - Hollister and Co.
Knit Cardigan - H&M
Combat Boots - Madden Girl
Disco Pants - American Apparel

Today was the first day I wore my disco pants out, I'm going to say this again .. I FREAKING LOVE THEM. I feel like I'm going to wear them every week, it's fine, haha.  Also, I registered to become a bone marrow donor today.  It would be so cool if I had the chance to save someone's life (:


I'm Going to Live in My Disco Pants.

I finally got a pair of Disco Pants from American Apparel! I had a voucher, which took off $25 dollars on my purchase.  So I paid about $60 for them, which is a good deal compared to other prices I've seen floating around! I am honestly so happy. I feel like I'm going to wear these so often, but I don't care, I love them so much! This is my first real "investment" piece of clothing that I have.  I'm going to wear these for years to come, and hopefully I can add a navy blue pair to it! (;

After Rizelle and I finally made our purchases, we headed over to Sprinkles for a free dark chocolate cupcake.  It was a perfect day.


A Week in Photos



I re-organized up my vanity and managed to keep it clean!  I'm the type of girl that loves getting ready, so having a good set up is essential, haha.  I've had this vanity for over ten years now, and I'm looking to replace it soon (as sad as that sounds).  Alright, I'm done rambling .. The point I'm making is that I will forever be a makeup lover (: