Winter Retreat

Grass Collection Harem pants//Madden Girl Combat Boots//Forever 21 Shirt
Packing up all of my crap!
Christmas gift exchange, one month past due!
Having Subway for dinner before installs, haha.
 Love these girls <3

 My mama and line sisters <3

Our sisterhood winter retreat was very fun! I love these girls, and although some minor drama might have happened, we all worked through it.  It was fun spending two whole days with these crazys, I love them to death (:

Ended up going to Lickity Split on Broadway for some frozen custard.  We all got butter pecan custard, it was so good, and for a great price too! I couldn't get over how cute the place was.  The candy jars were adorable and their cupcakes and baked goods look amazing! (: I'm definitely going to pick up some goodies for my valentine from here :D

It was also my biggie's 25th birthday on Sunday! We went out for some Hooters downtown.  The food was delicious, but I must say the service absolutely SUCKED. We saw about three pregnant waitresses there, which was really weird, haha.  Our waitress was just horrible, and we ended up staying there forever waiting because of a mix up with our receipt.  It was still a good night nonetheless.  I'm still tired from the retreat! It was very worth it though, I love my sisters (:

The weekend was particularly hard for me, going through personal problems and such, but I'm glad everyone helped me through it.  And now, I'm happy.  Things need to get worst before they get better.


Just another day ..

Leopard print scarf from Ebay // Crop top from Pacsun // Hollister Jeans // Minnetonka fringe boots

Yesterday's festivities included classes, chapter meeting, bowling at UIC with Chi Sigma Tau Fraternity, and grabbing desserts at Artopolis in Greektown with my sisters! I must say, I was doing the worst I've ever done in my bowling career, I got like, under 30 points for the first game, HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?! Oh well, haha, I was just so out of it, I really do enjoy bowling though :P The baklava and hazelnut praline from Artopolis is delicioussss, I didn't order anything for myself, but it was nice sampling all the desserts everyone else got. It was a pretty long day.

 Doki Geki blazer // Hollister flannel // Bullhead jeans

Today was a boring day, went to classes then straight to work! I also got my eyebrows done, yay me, haha. When I came home, and my 36 palette from Crown Brush that I ordered off of Hautelook came in! It's a lot smaller than I thought it would be, but that's ok, it's still gorgeous! I finally tried out essie's Shine Of The Times polish, and I loooove it. I hope they come out with other variations of colors, I know other brands have the flaky glitter polishes also, but I am not willing to pay regular price for them :P I have so much ahead for this weekend, I still need to pack for retreat and do homework!


The Shopping Bug

Today was my lazy day! I wore a thermal, a crewneck from the university I attend, two pairs of leggings, and my trusty combat boots.  I love wearing combat boots in the colder weather because it steers me away from wearing UGG boots too often, haha.  After classes, I went to hang out with Mr. Brian Mac before he had work.  I always have a good time when I'm with him (:

After I dropped him off, I went to Old Orchard mall, hoping to find some good deals, and I did! I finally checked out Pacsun's Blue Dot sale.  I'm kind of disappointed in myself for not going earlier, but I'm pretty happy with what I got.  I got a shirt with lace detailing on the sleeves, a pair of floral trouser type pants, and a black lace maxi skirt, all for $20! I ended up getting a $1 studded belt for myself at Akira, and a gift for my biggie (: Afterwards, I fell in love with the half sheer polka dot button up pictured above, I was about to leave the store without buying them, but I couldn't pass up this shirt! I scored a deal on 2 pairs of sheer tights from Charlotte Russe, the original was $10.50, but when the girl rung it up, they were only $5! Lastly, I stopped in at LUSH and bought the Sex Bomb bath bomb for my biggie, I hope she loves it! :D

My wallet's suffering a little bit, but I swear I've got the shopping bug out of my system! I'm done buying new things .. Until next month (;


Weeknd + Mini Haul

New magazines! I adore Zooey Deschanel.
Lunar New Year was on Monday (yesterday), and I got a chance to see a lot of my family members and family friends.  I received a lot of li xi, which is surprising, because I don't even get them anymore, because I'm so old! I'm trying to save a bunch of the money up, but I did spend some of it on two new pairs of leggings for the winter and a new bag.  On Sunday night, I went to temple saw a few friends while I.  We went to my old temple, and they have expanded a lot.  I'm very happy for my old temple to expand it's space, welcoming more people into it.
Did my nails with a tribal print that day, but it already started chipping!
Today, my friends and I went out to Sun Wah Barbecue Restaurant in Argyle.  It was nice gathering with all my friends, because I need a break from all of that studying! Almost all of us ordered some type  of BBQ or roasted beef/pork/duck with rice, so delicious.
BBQ pork and duck rice plate, yumm, just $5.25!
Boyfriend and I! (:

Afterwards, we went to go back to the nail supply store so Kyla could buy some China Glaze (only $2.70 a bottle!).  I think that essie and OPI are only $4.75 each.  Went home with two new bottles of essie nail polishes! Top photo is Merino Cool, one of my all time favorite colors.  Second, is Shine of the Times Luxeffects Top Coat, which is a flaky glitter I've been dying to get my hands on. The leopard print scarf that I ordered off of Ebay finally came in! It was less than $5, I'm kind of addicted to Ebay at the moment.

I'm expecting a lot more items to come in in the next few weeks, so excited! The rest of my week is going to be very busy, wish me luck!


Target Haul + Rambling

On of my favorite places to shop is at Target! I love when they have a whole bunch of clothes on clearance, and I was looking for some new long sleeved clothes to add to my winter wardrobe.  I ended up with a cardigan, a button up, and a knitted sweater.  They were each around $7 or less, which was such a steal! I don't know if I'm going to keep the sweater, because it fits tighter than I want it to.  I usually like loose fitting clothes, and oversized sweaters.  I think I'll end up returning it though :/

Sweet pair of rounded sunglasses and Revlon Just Bitten lipstain in Passion.
Where I like to hang my sunnies of the day.

I've been looking for the perfect pair of rounded sunglasses, and I found them! They aren't too circular, which will help me ease into the difference on how they frame my face.  These were around $12, which isn't bad, because they feel quite nice! I took a picture of myself in them today and played around with Analog, hehe.  I like how the colors of this came out! (:

I hope something interesting happens this weekend, because I have nothing interesting to blog about, haha.  Today was probably the coldest day of winter so far, my knees started hurting because of how cold it was outside.  It was absolutely terrible.  Walking about campus is a major pain! I have so much reading to do this semester, and it sucks big time! Ok, well, here's a picture of me right now (I thought the fake nerd glasses were appropriate), and I shall get back to reading :/